Farm Family Outreach

FCSS’s Farm Family Outreach program is here for farmers and their families. Our mission is to offer confidential support to farmers and their families, to connect farmers to local services, and provide resources that will assist them in their farming journey and enrich farm families’ lives. We’re here for them because they’re here for us.

The Farm Family Outreach Team Connects Farmers to…

  • … Wellbeing: You trust experts with your crops. Why not trust experts with your wellbeing? Let us connect you with confidential resources that support good health.
  • … Community Resources: Your farm and it’s needs are unique. Let us assist you in identifying and navigating local resources and supports that will be beneficial to your family now and in future generations.
  • … Family Supports: Family is the root of the farm. Whether your family is growing or retiring, we are here to assist you in maintaining good family ties through parent education resources and confidential connection.
  • … Everything Else: Tell us your needs and we will find the correct resource for you that will help support your goals and assist with any challenges that you may face.

For more information, contact Kori Kuryvial at or (403) 915-8803.