Newcomer Services

A multi-disciplinary team that supports newcomers transitioning to Canadian culture and systems.  Helping newcomers gain independence to thrive in work, school, and family-life in southern Alberta.

The Team:

  • Provides individualized supports in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.
  • Provides necessary social and emotional supports to successfully transition families into our communities.
  • Works in collaboration with other organizations to best utilize local resources and decrease duplication.

Programs and services available are as follows:

  • Information and Referral: Referrals and connections to other agencies to help newcomers find what they need.  Interpretation services are available in Spanish, Low German, Arabic and French.
  • Parent Education: Help parents and caregivers to support their families through group and one-on-one parent education.
  • Counselling: Free culturally relevant counselling services for newcomers. Counselling is available for families, couples, and individuals 10 years and over.
  • Youth Programming: Opportunities to enhance social and emotional development of youth through group programs and one-on-one support.



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