Tax Return Clinic

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program arranges for trained volunteer to complete income tax and benefit returns for community members who fall within the income guidelines at no charge.

2019 Income Thresholds

Family Size Total Family Income
1 person $35,000
2 persons $45,000
3 persons $47,500
4 persons $50,000
5 persons $52,500
More than 5 persons $52,500 plus $2,500 for each additional individual

Income tax returns cannot be prepared for individuals who:

  • have self-employment income
  • have business or rental income and expenses
  • have capital gains for losses
  • have employment expenses
  • filed for bankruptcy
  • are deceased in the year
The CVITP runs in March and April each year.

Registration Information

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 403-915-7063.