Talking to Your Kids About Sex

What do I tell my kids about Sex? How much should they know, how do I go about telling them, and when is it appropriate for them to know? When you are confident that you really are the best sex educator for your children, sex talks become easier and a regular part of your family life. 

As parents we know it's our job to privide our children with the knowledge and guidance they need, but ... what do they know and when do you need to know it?  How do we protect our children from sexual abuse and the proliferation of porn?

This workshop will help you know what to tell your kids, when to tell them, how to tell them, and how much.Come for a helpful perspective on a chanllenging, and often humorous subject. 

Presented by Alberta Health Services Child Development Specialist.

Recommended for parents of children 0-12 years of age.  Join us on Zoom! A link will be sent to those who register.

For more information contact your local Family Services Staff.