Triple P Teen Seminar - Raising Competent Teenagers

Postive Parenting in a Nutshell

Your baby’s almost an adult, or at least that’s what he or she thinks. So life at home can be a little strained. Maybe your 13-year-old son grunts instead of speaking to you. Or your 14-year-old daughter wants to go to parties with people you don’t even know. It’s not that you’ve got a 'wild' kid. You’d just like to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

Each seminar lasts 90 minutes and you can do one, two or all three in the series. They target everyday concerns, such as how to encourage responsible behaviour, improve family relationships, deal with independence or manage problems at school or with friends.

At each seminar you’ll be given a tip sheet to take home to remind you of the great ideas you’ve heard. You’ll be able to start positive parenting straight away, to get back on track with your teenager – or be ready for what’s ahead.

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