“Me” On Purpose Remote/Online

Using mindfulness, wellness and strength-based approaches, each weekly session is designed to introduce strategies, insights, tools, and other resources that can help them succeed.

  • Session 1:  “Choose To Be On Your Own Side”

Description: - your thoughts lead to actions. Are you building or burning your future?

  • Session 2:  “I Choose Me”

Description:  - When I love myself I build resources to build others. It’s a win/win.

  • Session 3:  Mapping My Journey for Success:

Description:  What do you want your life to look like in one year?  In five years?  Knowing your vision and your destination is the blueprint for success.

  • Session 4:  The Building Blocks for My Success

Description:  This session explores some of the  “must have” tools you may need to realize your goals, to reach your  destinations, to grow your full potential. 

  • Session 5:  Putting it all together

Description:  This session examines what we have discovered together, about ourselves, our hopes, our vision for the future and some of core skills and insights we have learned can help us realize our full potential.

Registration Information

To register contact: Laura at 403-331-1325 or Laura.Devlin@fcss.ca or Cathy at 403-315-1446 or Cneedham.lc@gmail.com