Triple P Discussion Groups

There are four topics to choose from:

Bedtime Routines

Do you have a child who won't go to bed?  Are you experiencing a never-ending struggle at bedtime?
  • This discussion topic explores different problems parents commonly face at bedtime and some of the reasons why they happen.

Dealing with Disobedience

Teaching Children to Listen!  Do you have a child who is disobedient & not listening? Having a never-ending struggle with not following directions?
  • Triple P helps you develop a personal plan to prevent disobedience, teach limits, and manage disobedience when necessary.

Hassle Free Shopping with Kids

Do you have a child who melts down while shopping?
This discussion topic uses shopping trips as an example of one of the most common times parents have to deal with difficult behaviour in public.
  • Triple P helps you manage your child's behaviour, emoitions, and development in a positive way.  You will build relationships, communicate well, and encourage the kind of behaviour you want to see.

Managing Fighting and Aggression

Do you have a child who hits, bites or fights?
This course will also help prepare plans to manage times when fighting and aggression do occur.
  • Triple P helps parents learn how to teach skills such as sharing, communication and being gentle.

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