Parenting Services

To increase the knowledge and confidence of parents/caregivers, thereby building resiliency, healthy families, and improved child and adolescent development.
  • FCSS Family Services provides quality parenting information and support to families in a variety of ways:
  • Group and one-on-one parent education;
  • System navigation, information, and referrals to appropriate resources; 
  • Developmental screenings – Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ);
  • Referrals to early childhood home visitation program, South Region-Parents as Teachers.

Triple P helps parents/caregivers with the following:

  • Managing your child’s behaviour
  • Setting family routines and rules
  • Balancing work and family life and stress
  • Raising happy and confident children
  • Building healthy family and peer relationships.

To learn more, call (403) 795-3328 or go to the Triple P website,

See the list of events below to find out when these programs are running in your community.

For children ages 2 months to 60 months, ASQ is a developmental check-up that can give you a guideline to tell if your children are developing typically. It is a great tool to know what activities you might try next to support your child’s development and to see if additional support might be needed.

An ASQ and ASQ-SE looks at:

  • gross motor skills,
  • fine motor skills,
  • problem solving skills,
  • communication,
  • personal social skills,
  • social-emotional competencies.

If you would like to complete your ASQ online:

Referrals to early childhood home visitation program, South Region-Parents as Teachers.

Did you know you can receive free encouragement, information and support from a trained home visitor? South Region Parents as Teachers is here to support you in your parenting journey. Enjoy personalized in-person/home, video-conference and/ or tele-communication personal visits. 

  • Baby and Me: This program allows parents of children (newborn to 12 months) to come together to learn about the rewards and challenges of parenting. It is a great way to address concerns, gather information, and make new friends.
  • Baby Signing: This program teaches parents how to teach their child, as young as 9 months old, to communicate their needs through sign language. Babies will learn to sign when they’re hungry, want more, or when they’re finished with their meal. They will also learn to sign if they’re too cold, too hot, or that they need a hug.
  • Caregiver Cafe: Come out for a 6-week program to meet new friends, play with your child and be part of meaningful conversations about child development and parenting. 
  • Infant Massage: In this program, parents learn infant (newborn to 12 months) massage techniques. Massaging your baby can help them relax and sleep better, promote strong parent-child relationships, and relieve colic or gassy spells.

See the list of events below to find out when these programs are running in your community.

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