About FCSS

With support from Provincial & Municipal governments, all services are available at minimal or no charge to residents.

Barons-Eureka-Warner Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a multi-municipal organization governed by a Board of Directors and adheres to the FCSS mandate.


FCSS is an 80/20 funding partnership between municipalities or Métis settlements, and the Province, provided through the FCSS Act and Regulation. The Regulation sets out the service requirements that a municipality or Métis settlement must meet to be eligible for funding. For more information: Alberta.ca/Family-Community/


Residents living their full potential.


BEW FCSS enhances the well-being of individuals, families and communities in our region.


  • INTEGRITY – We strive to be accountable and transparent to all whom we serve.
  • INNOVATION – We remain open to changing needs and ensure services remain timely and relevant.
  • INCLUSIVENESS – We are committed to building a spirit of acceptance and respect with those we work with and support.
  • Dave Degenstein, Chair, Town of Milk River
  • Bill Chapman, Vice-Chair, Town of Coaldale
  • Garth Bekkering , Town of Taber
  • Merrill Harris, M.D. of Taber
  • Missy Foster, Village of Barnwell
  • Heather Caldwell, Town of Coalhurst
  • Megan Payne, Village of Coutts
  • Ray Coad, Town of Vauxhall
  • Teresa Feist, Town of Picture Butte
  • Jack Heggie, County of Warner
  • Kelly Jensen, Town of Raymond
  • Melissa Jensen, Town of Nobleford
  • Lorne Hickey, Lethbridge County
  • Larry Nilsson, Village of Stirling
  • Daniel Doell, Village of Barons
  • Martin Kirby, Village of Warner